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Upholstery for Interior

Placing an Order

Please fill out this Commission Form if you'd like to apply for a slot


I will be contacting via the selected preferred method with a quote. If the quote is accepted, I will then create a Square invoice for you and send it to your email.

The first half needs to be paid off in full before I get to your spot in the queue.
The second half is due upon completion of the project.

Shipping within the US is $5, and international shipping is $15. Please indicate whether you're located within the US or internationally.
Please be 100% certain that you will purchase your order prior to my creating your invoice!

What if I don't have a Square account?

Square invoices do NOT require you to have an account with them. Simply having a credit card is enough to complete the purchase.

Colorful yarn


Payment of the Square invoices can be paid in full, but I do also offer payment plans.

Payment plans are offered at a minimum of $100 down payment. This secures your spot in the queue, however work will only begin after the first half has been paid off.

If your turn in the queue comes up and the first half hasn't been received, I will move onto the slot after yours until it's completed. After payment is received, I will immediately start yours after the current commission is finished.

Fabric Stack

Products Offered

You are more than welcome to email me through this site in order to discuss custom orders or if there are any plushes I've made in the past that interest you. It is however more convenient and will probably get a faster response if you message me through Telegram.
You can find me @Mokobuns.

All of my plushes are entirely hand sewn, and primarily made with merino wool felt. They are sturdy creations, however please still exercise caution should you have any curious pets who would like to acquaint themselves with your plushes. I've been told that they do NOT hold up against puppy attacks.

Fabric Detail

Terms and Conditions


I have no problem doing business with those who are under 18, however parental permission is a must. I will NOT be creating any plushes that are adult themed/NSFW.

Payment of the first half of the quoted price is expected before I will start on a project.

I will not begin on an order otherwise, simply because my crafts require materials that would essentially be wasted should the customer change their minds midway.

Moko's Makery retains the right to use images of any products that is created through them. Of course there will not be any claim towards the characters used, but images of the plushes themselves may be used as advertisement or towards a portfolio.

International Orders

I am based in the US, which means that any international customers will probably have to pay for customs once their plushes arrive within their designated countries. The customer is responsible for any customs charges, these charges are NOT included within the prices that I quote.

Fabric Scissors


Full refunds are only allowed if no work has been done prior to the request. If the commissioned price is more than $500, the refund will be sent back in portions of $250 per month until the full amount is returned.

Should the customer decide to request a refund during the creating process, only a certain percentage will be returned.

The amount can be calculated as follows for plush work:

                                                              75% - paper pattern has been designed
                                                              50% - fabric has been prepped and cut
                                                              25% - minimal amount of sewing has been done

                                                                        (~1 hour of sewing)

The amount can be calculated as follows for drawn pieces:

                                                                            75% - sketch work

                                                                            50% - line work

                                                                            25% - basic flat colors

If any more work has been done than specified above, no refunds will be issued.

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